H. Fielding once said, “Nothing makes man more human than love for animals.” We totally agree with this statement. There are good and bad things in today’s world. The good ones must be appreciated and the bad ones must be eliminated. Human help and the love for animals is something that enriches us, makes us happy and, last but not least, helps where it is needed.

If you know our virtual events, you know that thanks to them and your participation, we contribute where it is necessary, together with you. Since 2020, we have always decided to contribute to a specific organization with a selected event. In the case of the 4Paws Winter Marathon, it is just one of the shelters, specifically a shelter in Hodonín. We chose the shelter in Hodonín mainly because there is the seat of your company for Czech athletes.


In the case of these amazing 4-legged creatures, which are mainly dogs and cats – the inhabitants of this shelter, there is nothing to think about twice. Unfortunately, humans are cruel and do not respect the selfless love that animals give them. That’s why it´s our admiration and thanks to all the shelter and their helpers who decided to help these amazing creatures. It is the support of shelters and the people who care for them which creates the only way how to save as many animals as possible. And each of us can help a bit.

And those pets will pay us several times more with their kindness and love, with a feeling of happiness and joy. If you have a pet at home, you definitely know what we are talking about! Therefore, the support of the Shelter in Hodonín was the right decision, and we thank to every participant of the Virtual Championship who participated in the 4Paws Winter Marathon. Together we managed to collect beautiful amount of 8,000 CZK (about 300 Eur) which will make the life at least a little easier for the animals in the shelter.

Only thanks to you, our fans and sportsmen of the Virtual Championship, we managed to collect the total donated amount together, which is great amount of 8000 CZK (300€).


For what you deserve our gratitude.

We are very happy that we can help and that you have decided to help with us thanks to your participation in our events! That’s why we decided not to stop helping, and that the 4Paws Marathon series would definitely not end, because helping makes sense.

You can be looking forward for another event! However, we will keep you informed, so keep an eye on us via our newsletter and social networks. Because if we sport together, we help together and we can do great things!

if you want to help more, click this link HERE.

Thank you, best regards Virtual Championship Team.

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