Athlete of the Week Darina: Never again and then I tried again

So how was your last week? Easy or tough one? We at the Virtual Championship were not stuck with creativity. We prepared a new inspirational story for you in the Athlete of the Week. Today we will introduce you to Darina from the place called Mokrance in eastern Slovakia.

Mrs. Darina Czingelyová

Darinka is 50 years old and, as she says herself, the sport has accompanied her since she was a child. As her parents led her to sports, she also brings her children to sports activities. She has been actively swimming since she was a child, she holds a brown belt in karate, she also likes jumping and taebo. She hated running from early childhood and didn’t understand why anyone would find it interesting and exciting, especially when watching runners at the world-famous Košice Marathon, where she went to cheer the runners actively. The first attempts to run ended in the fiasco – Darina ran a few hundred meters, stabbing pain went all over her body, she felt the consequences of oxygen debt. Therefore it is understandable that this hobby of our fan Darina in the Athlete of the Week category did not last long.

It is essential not to give up after the first failure

However, she returned to running as an adult. She improved her breathing technique and suddenly, everything went smoothly. However, she felt that she was a little older to start running. Even this generally incorrect myth did not hold her back, and she slowly ran more and more kilometers. The most beautiful feeling was that it is possible to push the boundaries – you need to want to. Later, her sister joined her as well and they registered for the race together. The entry fee from the race was to help the animal shelter and Darina told herself that even if she would be the last one, at least she supported the right thing. And this was just the beginning of her addiction to running.

Sometimes it is difficult for her to manage work duties and active moments because she works at the railway station. Therefore, she prefers virtual challenges – she participates exactly when it suits her and no need to adjust her plans to any fixed place or time. However, the only drawback is the atmosphere of the race and the cheering of the audience is missed, which is also caused by the current situation in the world

If you want something, you can achieve it

Darinka likes to go hiking in her free time, visit castles, chateaux, and our majestic Tatras. She also relaxes with a good book, listens to music, walks with a dog and if you want to cheer her up, prepare her fish – in any way. She is energized by a happy family supporting her under any circumstances. Thanks to running, she has learned perseverance, discipline, and the good feeling that she can achieve it if she really wants something.

To a beginner in the running, she would say,

“Listen to your body, run mainly for fun. Do not overdo it in any case because even a banal injury will put you off for a long time. And don’t forget – even the slowest runner will run the same distance as the winner. ”

There is probably no need to add more to this motivational quote. And since we also know how important motivation is in the Virtual Championship, we are already working on another adept in our favorite Athlete of the Week category.

Sincerely, Virtual Championship Team


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