Athlete of the Week – František Svatoň

Two weeks have passed very quickly and it’s time for another inspiring story from Virtual Championship – we would like to introduce our latest Athlete of the Week. We always try to share with you inspirational stories and inspiring people to motivate you further on your journey. Our Athletes of the Week are a great example of how we can overcome the barriers, even though we think it is no longer possible and how it is possible to push the boundaries in the life of each of us. Today we would like to introduce František, a local of Košice, living in Prešov.

I rethought the meaning of my life when I was 24

When we are young, life is a piece of cake and everything seems to be okay. We eat what we want and live not the most healthy life – this was also the case with František. When he was 24, he realized that he was not happy with his life. Alcohol, cigarettes, and being overweight were reasons why he decided to stop it immediately, which he also succeeded in, and today it is already 21 years for František to be an active athlete. He never regretted the decision to change his life for the better. He started running on short distances and gradually improved up to marathons. The advantage was that František is a professional soldier (paratrooper), so even during work, he is still on the go. He spends his free time most often on a bicycle (pure passion), hikes, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing, ski alpine or skiing in winter, but also running.

Which goals are František been proud of to reach?

Although our Athlete of the Week František is an asthmatic, this condition did not prevent him from achieving his best time at the Rajecký Marathon in 2004 (2:57:58). In personal life, it is a family – wife Erika, daughter Karolína, dog Nelly and his job. The motivation to run for František is music – house, rock, hip-hop. Sometimes, he listens to Czechoslovak classics or the world 80-90s. At the moment, he no longer runs marathons, as he suffered from a heart attack two years ago, but as František says – nothing puts me down, not even the illness. František’s wish is good health, the opportunity to practice sports until older and support our projects by participating in the Virtual Championship.

As you can see, our Athlete of the Week František is an excellent example that it is never too late to change anything – but it must come from us and we must want it. What’s not that hard after all, right? Just overcome the laziness or barriers and decide to do so. We are already working on another inspirational story for you in the Athlete of the Week category – who will it be this time? Let yourself be surprised, coming soon. Until then, we wish you beautiful days full of sports activities.

Sincerely, Virtual Championship Team


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