Athlete of the Week – Martinka Vostrčilová

Our Athlete of the Week section is very popular, as clear also from your reactions and feedback. We are happy to motivate you and move you forward to overcome other limits, also thanks to the fact that all our Athletes of the Week are real people that you can meet on the street passing by. Today our Athlete of the Week – Martinka – so let’s get started!

Today we will virtually visit the place called Vysoké Mýto in Eastern Bohemia, where Martina lives. She started doing sports 10 years ago when she was 35. Her daughters were already relatively independent, so she also wanted to spend time for herself and by herself. She started with jumping, and three years ago, running was the next natural move – the decisive moment was when Martina’s doctor prescribed her high-pressure medication.

“And that’s when I realized that I am not old enough to resign and I became a lady suffering from obesity with deteriorating health,” Martina said.”And that’s when I realized that I am not old enough to resign and I became a lady suffering from obesity with deteriorating health,” Martina said.

The beginnings were extremely demanding – she couldn’t run as little as 1 kilometer. Nevertheless, she did not give up and gradually increased the distances – 3 to 5 and after 2 months, even 10 kilometers. She is driven forward by music and songs for a specific activity depending on the distance, weather, etc.; you would be amazed as Martina swaps fast songs with Gregorian chants or even Il Divo.

The result of a year of running was -20 kg in weight and running became a new drug. Currently, Martina runs 3-4 times a week and ideally 10-16 km. But the most important thing for her – and not just in terms of motivation – is to set goals that she knows she can meet because impossible goals are unnecessarily demotivating. The top trophy for Martina is a half-marathon, which was a secret dream and an essential overcoming of oneself.

Martina vs. Martina

Running was not a curse or a necessity but

a clear decision to devote time to herself and do something for the health. Martina has a relatively challenging job; she works as an SAP HR consultant, so every moment for herself is a small challenge and win; in her free time, she cycles, runs, skis, takes family trips and loves to cook and bake, which is her relaxation.

He sticks to the theory with which we agree perfectly. There are no healthy and unhealthy foods, only healthy and unhealthy amounts. And she applies this theory to life as well.

Martina Vostrčilová

The motto that drives Martina forward is: Don’t compare yourself to others but do everything to make YOU happy. If YOU are satisfied – it will work. Be sure to reward and praise yourself a lot – only you know what you have overcome and how much effort, pain and maybe tears it has cost you.

There is no other way than to agree, the true words spoken out loud. In two weeks, we will introduce another one of you, unique, exceptional, active – but most importantly, with the heart in the right place. So until then, enjoy your days, dear active friends.

Sincerely, Virtual Championship Team


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