Athlete of the Week – Natália Štefániková, the world according to Natalia

Today, after a week, we would like to introduce another inspiring young lady – Natália, for whom running has become love on the second sight. Natália comes from the Nitra region, currently lives in Nitra and recently successfully graduated her studies at SPU in Nitra. Maybe she just smiled at you today from behind the counter at the bank where she currently works.

She started doing sports as usual – through running, she started about six years ago, but she has been active for the last year. The reason is simple – love and her husband. Her husband was the one more active; Natália only used to support him, as she hated running in primary and secondary school. And it was this “hatred” of running forced her to reconsider her priorities and her relationship with running. At first, she did not like to run and as she says, she could not run. However, since he is a naturally competitive type who likes to overcome challenges and obstacles, running has become one of them. Due to the more demanding mental load at work, running was the motivation that often helped her find inner peace, happier thoughts – running is an excellent mind-cleaner, as Natália says.

Running has even strengthened their marriage

The same hobby has the same goals and unites the couple. Being in a dynamic relationship, it is always easier to encourage one another, support and “pull” the other if they have a lazy moment. If a bonus is added to the run – help someone who needs it and a beautiful collection of medals – Natália doesn’t have to think about it for a long time. In addition to running, she and her husband also practice cycling, yoga and badminton in the summer.

If Natália is not running somewhere, you will find her reading a good book, spending time with her family or wearing an apron in the kitchen – she likes to bake – she is the best at preparing macaroons of any flavors. Yummie. She considers her independence to be a success in her life. After graduating, she immediately found a job and became independent. She loves sweets and thanks to genetics (what a happy woman), she doesn’t have to stick to any diets. You can improve her mood with a chicken burger with french fries, waffles, pizza or kebab.

She is rightly proud of her progress in running – she has improved the technique, the control, and longer distances. However, sometimes there are days-bad days when the results are not at the top. The ideal relaxation is any activity that gives her energy during exercise or running, rhythmic music in her ears. You can meet Natália as well in the mountains – the secret is – she loves the Tatras.

Natália Štefániková

Natália is an excellent example of an even more demanding job that does not have to be a killer of motivation. As she adds, all one has to do is overcome the laziness and the smile on one’s face will show somehow automatically.

We can’t wait for next week to introduce you again to the new athlete of the week. It is going to be a surprise again, but we already know one thing – the motivation behind it will be worth it!

Sincerely, Virtual Championship Team


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