Athlete of the Week Silvia: I don’t deal with things I cannot sort out but enjoy doing what I like

Today we would like to introduce you one interesting lady in the category Athlete of the Week – Silvia. Tennis is a lifelong passion and love for her. She says paradoxically that she achieved her greatest success with older age in the “Senior” category, where she belongs to the absolute top of the world. She is currently the worldwide number one in the age category 35+ in doubles and mixed doubles. Silvia is perfect proof that to reach the top – it is never too late.

How did it all start?

Silvia first held a tennis racket in her hand when she was 5.5 years old and her father is the one to blame. She spent an active career in clubs in Slovakia; currently, her name is better known in Austria and Germany. What to look for behind this decision? Silvia shares openly that she did not become a professional tennis player for a simple reason – her parents did not have enough money to cover all her costs and expenses. However, Silvia did not give up and, as she says, now she lives her dreams as part of the ITF Seniors Tour – yes, even those dreams from youth. She is currently a member of TK Madunice, where she also trains with the other partners.

At my age, you need to listen to your body

Nevertheless, it is essential for Silvia, our Athlete of the Week, to overcome herself and her barriers. Even the senior league is no different than the active league and requires regular training. Silvia reminds us that we should definitely listen to our body and give it as much as it can handle – but without the risk of injury. When it is really necessary, even switch off and relax, just get a rest. And, of course, train with a particular reason in her mind. The tennis player needs to be fit to enjoy the tennis. Two years ago, Silvia started running and saw a lot of progress as well. She enjoys it and the condition built thanks to running helps her endure even extremely long matches on the courts, especially in the heat.

Silvia keeps physical activity thanks to running and tennis. She relaxes during golf, where you can often meet her and her “doubles” partner Patricia Rogulski. Golf may seem like a piece of cake, but it’s a challenging activity. Those who haven’t tried it have any clue about that, what Silvia – our Athlete of the Week – confirms.

Should the success be easy, all of us would be successful

Silvia knows how important motivation is and, over time, has realized that it is not ideal to rely on anyone or anything. Follow your way, but stay on the ground at the same time with both feet and with being modest, keep healthy self-confidence and assertiveness. The results will come – not overnight, but you need to work hard.

And the final statement to you, our dear readers:

If the results did not depend on hard work, but came overnight, served on the silver plate, everyone would be successful.

You have to be patient and persistent. And success will quickly become your other self.

Silvia is a motivating personality. At the same time, she is an ideal example of the fact that you can achieve it in adulthood if you do not get something in childhood and thus fulfill your dream. Often just a little determination and perseverance is more than enough.

So, have you already made a training plan for the next week? If not, put it on your to-do list as a priority.

Our to-do list already contains the task of bringing you another exciting article, introducing you to another inspiring personality in our Athlete of the Week section. Until then, enjoy the summer!

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