Athlete of the Week – Hanka Krajčírová

Let’s start our Athlete of the Week section with Hanka, currently from the small village of Špačince, but otherwise a local from Trnava. According to Hanka, she is an optimist forever; she likes to conquer challenges and overcome her limits.

She started her career in sport by coincidence; she should replace another sportswoman in running races – 7.5 km night cross run through the forest. Although she finished as the last one, it was exactly this moment that was considered to be the starting point and motivation kick. She runs for about a year and a half by now and she does not plan to stop running soon as she likes it.

Hanka has a beautiful but demanding job, taking almost all her free time – she is a confectioner. After a whole day spent with a mega amount of calories, she often needs to vent the emotions and running is the activity that is the best to clean her mind. When she’s not running, she’s redesigning and remaking older pieces of furniture, or she does anti-stress coloring books or take care of all the houseplants at home.

Given the current reality, Hanka’s last race was quite a long time ago, but she still remembers it very well. She ran 3 km with the official time of 5:47 min. To some, this may seem like not the best time for such a short distance, but for Hanka, it’s a big deal. During the pandemic, Hanka focused on our virtual race instead and successfully ran the 10 km distance under 60 minutes. If you had told Hanke two years ago that she would enjoy such activity, she probably wouldn’t even believe you. Currently, her favorite sports include running and sometimes bodybuilding.

What kind of confectioner would Hanka be if she didn’t like sweets – right, Hanka? Even after all those years spent daily with sweet emotions, Hanka is exactly the person who tries a bit here and a bit there from every meal and is always the first to serve herself. In addition to sweets, she also loves chicken curry and zucchini prepared in any way. The most relaxing moments for Hanka are summer days spent in the sun and, funny enough – not running but lounging while reading a magazine.

Hanka is proud that she managed to keep her job even in the current difficult times.

Hanka, we keep our fingers crossed and see you soon at our next virtual event!

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