Our Event CORONA Virtual Race Marathon 2020 –

succeeded within 163 days to collect  an incredible 2137 € for Lilianka !!! THANK YOU.

This event was more than great … we succeeded in reaching an incredible goal in time when the world was fighting COVID-19. People decided to help and never give up, started to practice sport and living active life with family and friends. Your pictures are the perfect proof that every one of you is a real fighter; every one of you over this summer reached the new target. We had various participants, people running the marathon, people running the half marathon and 10 km for the first time 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃🧍‍♀️, even the people walking their 3 km using the crutches … and we shouldn’t forget the young biking talents 🚴🚴‍♀️ and many, many other great sportspeople from many countries, not only Slovak or the Czech Republic but also from Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Norway, etc.

Big thanks go to Spartans Klub Zvolen and Maras Team for the incredible support of this event. We thank every participant in this event; you were terrific. Your Virtual Championship Team.


Big thank you from the family of Lilianka.

One takes many things as standard, up to the moment when something terrible happens. One usually doesn’t think about what could happen until the moment something is going on with him or some family members. That moment you are willing to invest every single cent to keep them safe. But the moment when your financial reserve would be over, it comes for sure. The only hope at this moment will be hope given by the people with good souls, willing to help and do not ask for anything back. We appreciate that these people still exist in our world. Fortunately, many people realize the importance of health and also how important it is to help others. Our daughter Lilianka is seriously ill for a couple of years by now and fights cancer bravely. During this challenging period, we still do believe and do not give up on hope. The treatment she needs is very challenging for her. The diet she has to eat is very specific and expensive—the same for the costs to travel 500 km every week to the National Oncology Center in Bratislava.

But your strength and your support – people willing to help us, give us hope and energy to fight more and even stronger. Because of your great support, we appreciate what all of you do. Thank you for every single cent you have sent us and your moral support.

THANK YOU from the family Čajkovská


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