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We humans have quite a lot in common with animals. Some say genetics since man evolved from apes; some ironically say that it is behavior. However, some animals excel in categories where we as humans do not even reach their levels. We have searched for records of animals that are not only interesting but also unconventional. Did you know that we also have recorders in Slovakia? So we have something to be proud of.

Falcon, falcon, where are you heading in such a hurry?

Falco peregrinus

You guessed it right, the first recorder from the animal kingdom is the peregrine falcon, slowly changing into an endangered species in Slovakia. It is interesting that in the flying speed, the falcon does not belong to the top-notch, but if we compare the speed it flies to the ground down to catch the prey, the falcon has no competition whatsoever. If it identifies prey, it will reach a speed of up to 320 km / h, comparable to the value of a Daytona 500 race car (gentlemen will know for sure this particular type). Alan Eustace tried to overcome the falcon, reaching a fall speed of 1323 km / h. However, it had one „but“ – Alan had a slightly more advantageous position – the starting point was 40 kilometers above the earth’s surface. Falcon only needs about 1 kilometer, which makes him the world champion in the summer.

Animal records reach below the ocean level

Let’s move from land to the realm of the oceans. We will introduce you to a gentleman named Sperm Whale. This unique whale can dive to a depth of 3,048 meters, which is the deepest of all animals. For better imagination – it’s about 7 times the size of the Empire State Building in the US. Divers trying to break this record – you guessed it – failed. The deepest distance was reached by a man named Ahmed Gabr, a professional diver who reached a depth of 305 meters. But let’s not forget another champion, just like the falcon – the world champion is a gentoo penguin. When diving head into the icy waters of the ocean, it reaches a speed of up to 35 kilometers per hour. The next time you cycle, try to look at the speed and compare yourself to this brave penguin.

Aaaaaa, the fastest runner is ….. a cheetah!

The highest recorded speed of the cheetah is 98 kilometers per hour, which is similar to the speed in our country on a regular road. However, scientists claim that it can easily reach up to 120 km/h. Compared to the human cheetah – Usain Bolt – he still has to work on the improvement. Usain managed to reach “only” an excellent 43.99 km / h. We also identified maybe the reason „why“. In one second, Usain and his colleagues – Olympic sprinters – take two steps, while a cheetah takes up to three. Who knows how he will succeed in our new challenge – Ultra Trail Marathon. Get inspired too!

Acinonyx jubatus

Meet – a sailboat, the fastest swimmer in the world!

Animal records are outstanding in that when we have a closer look, we also discover animals that we didn’t even know existed until recently. One of them is a sailfish. The sailfish is a shark species and reaches a speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour, which is the performance of the fastest sailboat in the world. Matching names will probably not be a coincidence. Compared to a sailboat, Olympic medalist Michael Phelps is just such a weak competitor. With a butterfly swimming style at 100 m, he reached a maximum speed of 7.08 kilometers. The sailfish has another advantage. On his back, it has a huge dorsal fin, also called a sail, in which it catches sardines and small fish, afterward consumed. Michael can be jealous. And so can we.

The world champion in the long jump is not only skilled but also beautiful

Let’s go back to the world of animals, which we have already mentioned today. The snow cheetah is the world champion in the long jump. The longest confirmed and officially measured jump was 15 meters – do not ask us how they measured it. This length can be compared to the length of a smaller bus. Fascinating, right? Animal records are sometimes so interesting that one has to realize that nature has everything well thought out. The competitor of the beautiful snow cheetah is a man named Mike Powell, who set a record in the long jump with 8.95m. In one area, however, Mike did better. He could scream perfectly during the jump – whether from fatigue or relief. Snow cheetahs do not have roaring in their genetics and therefore, they cannot roar like the lions or other beasts do. Therefore, it belongs also among the more insidious opponents.

Panthera uncia

As you can see, nature has arranged it well. Animal records are fascinating. In the next training session, focus on performance and who knows – maybe you will humble the cheetah in one of our challenges.

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