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Maximal regeneration for maximal performance

Whether you are a professional, passionate or just a recreational athlete, each of us wants to achieve the best possible performance and every detail is crucial to us while preparing. We try to be consistent when selecting and eating food, adhered to training programs, often invest quite a lot into expensive equipment, etc. But when it comes to regeneration, we don’t know what to do next. We do not know how to regenerate properly and effectively to achieve the best results. Recent studies show that up to 78% of athletes do not know how to regenerate properly or even regenerate improperly. In the end – it harms our performance. Because during exercise, our body produces lactic acid as a waste, which slows down muscle regeneration. The lower the lactic acid content, the faster our muscles can regenerate and the faster we can return to effective training. Assuming you can regenerate adequately.

Regeneration is still much underestimated today and is not considered to be a part of the training process. This is a great pity because it turns out that regeneration has a very positive impact on the athlete’s outstanding performance. And that’s why we would like to introduce you to the Reboots company, which launched informative regenerative supplements that not only speed up regeneration but are now also affordable for every recreational athlete.


The German company Reboots launched the innovative massage pants creating full-area compression and thus contribute to quality regeneration. Reboots regenerative pants help your body remove metabolic waste products (lactic acid, uric acid, etc.), produced during sports performance and their increased concentration slows down the regeneration process. It actively prevents undesired symptoms after exercises, such as tension, pain and muscle swelling. The result is a significant increase in performance using the same training stimuli and a shorter regeneration time.

Reboots regenerative pants will get you back on track faster.

How often should you use Reboots :

You can use Reboots regenerative pants almost daily. The ideal duration of one therapy ranges from 30 to 50 minutes. There is no specified duration or frequency of use of any Reboots pants.

When to use regenerative pants Reboots:

  1. Directly after demanding training: Reboots regenerative pants, when used directly after training, will help you to reduce quicker the resulting lactic acid produced and at the same time regenerate after strenuous exercise.

  1. When relaxing: Have you had a hard workout or an exhausting day and want to rest in the evening? And what about a great massage from Reboots? The perfect solution for this situation.

  1. When warming up before a race or before a challenging workout: Reboots regenerative pants are NOT primarily intended to be as a warm-up before training, but despite it, many athletes use regenerative pants precisely for doing so. Athletes who use Reboots regenerative pants like this have a very positive experience with a short application before training. However, the application should be short and at low pressure.

CAUTION !! Regardless of when you use Reboots, keep your legs as even and evenly horizontal as possible during application and ensure that the air supply hoses are not blocked. This extends the life of your Reboots regenerative pants.

Performance over the stagnation

Scientific studies had shown a significant decrease in physical loss when athletes used Reboots regenerative pants immediately after exercise. Reboots will help you set your records while others can hardly keep up with you. Use this regeneration application as your “training sparring partner” in the breaks between your quality training peaks and the result is guaranteed.

Stay mobile and functional

Reboots regenerative pants provide pleasant and compressive massage without annoying effects. A great relaxing muscle massage can lead to less muscle tension, pain and muscle swelling – especially in acute cases, such as a very demanding sports performance. Studies have shown that compression massage improves the range of motion of athletes. Acquired mobility reduces the risk of injury and enables better performance.

Reboots products are for :

All Reboots products are designed for everyday use and it doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or somebody else. Reboots regenerative pants are so phenomenal and so versatile that their use benefits everyone.

Benefits for people :

Reboots regeneration products improve and even eliminate, when using long term, the symptoms such as metabolic problems, lipedema, disorders of the lymphatic system, varicose veins, swelling of the legs, cellulite, vascular insufficiency.

Benefits for athletes:

Several scientific studies have shown us a significant reduction in blood lactate levels (measurable values of muscle fatigue) during the use of “Reboots regenerative pants”. Reboots regenerative pants enable athletes to achieve high-performance results and use regeneration time much more efficiently. The significant benefit is the feeling of „light“ legs and increased range of motion and reduced injury risk.

When it is NOT recommended to use Reboots products

If you suffer from any of the following, using Reboots products is not the best solution for you:

LIST: untreated hypertension, pacemaker, pregnancy, cancer patients, high stage varicose veins, vascular implants in the lower limbs.

In the next article, we focus on Reboots regenerative pants a little bit more in detail.

If you are interested in something not included in this post, drop us a message.

Goodbye, dear friends, see you with the next blog post.

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