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The benefits of sport – much more than you could think of.

Sport has more benefits than we could think of. Sports is an activity that brings most of us a good feeling thanks to the higher level of endorphins and a feeling of belonging or cohesion with a specific group or team. The benefits of sport to our health are just a kind of added value that each of us can get; enough would be to get out of the couch 3-4 times a week. It does not have to be top-level training; a slight pacing exercise will be okay. So let me ask you – how many benefits does practicing sports have for our health?

Recreational sports also comes with positive aspects

Sport is defined as physical activity or skill whose task is the physical and mental development of an individual. Sport not only unites, which is a typical example of the Olympic Games, but also divides the nations (hockey match between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, or the USA against Canada). It is also helpful – whether to those who need it – like for Veronika or the ones practicing it. It doesn’t matter if you do sports occasionally or on the top level; the impact on our health is evident even with the slightest effort.

Sports develop muscles. You may not even realize it, but the heart – is a muscle. That is why it needs a perfect and powerful workout and development. Regular exercise will improve your entire cardiovascular system and your heart activity will be more regular. From the beginning, it may take a while for the heart to get used to the load, so it is better to start gradually and slowly. The more trained the heart – the lower the chance of heart attack, disease or diabetes. Diabetes, in particular, is slowly but surely becoming a disease of civilization, and life with it brings many limitations, so exercise, exercise, and once again – exercise!

By exercising, we burn calories and improve the process of burning calories and metabolism. The benefits of sport are weight reduction and the fact that you gain control over your blood pressure, which can be perfectly optimized by sport. Regular activity keeps veins and arteries healthy, which is the basic predisposition to avoid high blood pressure.

The benefits of sport also mean increased flexibility and mobility

Aerobic activities, such as swimming, cycling or running, improve the body’s ability to transport and utilize oxygen in internal organs and blood. You stretch your muscles, improve flexibility, coordination, and mobility. The result will be stronger muscles and a slim figure.

It is also worth mentioning – especially today – stress relief. Exercise works as an immediate mood enhancer and an effective method of stress reduction. Drop the “deadlines” for a moment away, drop conference calls via Zoom for tomorrow and see how easy it is to develop other ideas. Half an hour of stretching or running and that annoying colleague may seem quite pleasant to you.

One of the most dreadful diseases is currently cancer. It has been proven that athletes and people with an active lifestyle enjoy the health benefits of sports ideally – a lower risk of colon, breast or lung cancer. A similar reputation was also given to osteoporosis or high levels of “bad” cholesterol – LDL. Vice versa, active people who exercise at least three times a week have higher levels of “good” cholesterol. A direct relationship was also observed with the strength of the immune system. The more minutes spent outside in the fresh air, the higher the body’s defense against bacteria, viruses and other negative aspects around us.

Our mental health is also directly dependent on sports activity

The benefit of sports is also improved sleep. Parents of small children know the secret – the more active the child is during the day, the faster it “falls dead” into bed in the evening. And it’s the same with adults. The more physical activity and calories burned the better the night’s sleep and body regeneration. However, the condition is to go to bed early and get yourself plenty of hours of peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

As the body relaxes, so does the mind.

As the body relaxes, so does the mind. Mental health is an essential prerequisite for a happy and relaxed life. Exercise or sport can push back depression, anxiety, prevent panic attacks, sharpen your attention and mind and even improve self-confidence.

If we put all these benefits of sport on an imaginary basis, it will be transferred to the “let’s go and do it” side. All those positive benefits of the sport are worth a few minutes of overcoming our imaginative barriers at all, aren’t they?

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