We all know different life stories. Some are better and some, unfortunately, are worse. At some point, it’s good to stop to think about those who aren’t as lucky as the rest of us.

That was exactly our case. We wanted to combine the joy with the useful thing and exactly the combinating of the sports and charity seems like a perrfect idea to us. When we met Veronika at this time and at the beginning of our business, our choice was clear.

Veronika Bittnerová

Veronika Bittnerová

Veronika is a young and cheerful girl who, however, has pretty complicated destiny. She is currently 31 years old and her diagnosis is DMO, or cerebral palsy. What does it mean? Veronika has Spastic DMO in the wreath, due to which her muscles stiffen, she has a dislocation of the hip joint, which accompanies its dislocation. Apart from the fact that all these factors don´t her to move properly, it is also a very painful disease. However, rehabilitation and exercise help her. Thanks to them, it was not necessary to operate Veronika so far. Thanks to rehabilitation, she stopped having pain and stastic cramps went almost away especially after the rehabilitation.

Veronika is also an extremely positive person who does not give up and we want to help her in this fight. Both she and we realize that in the current situation, it is not easy to decide where to put your money. In the harmony of our motto which is: “Sport together and help together”, we therefore highly value all the people who have decided to help on her behalf.

Only thanks to you, our fans and sportsmen of the Virtual Championship, we managed to collect the total donated amount together, which is great amount of 600 Eur.


For what you deserve our gratitude.

Because thanks to this amount, Veronika will soon be able to take the part in a two-week stay in the new rehabilitation center in Henda, Piešťany.

And as a real fighter, Veronika also promised from the rehabilitation stay to send us photos of how she will be doing and training, and how she will be following her dream, which, as she she said, is to take at least a few steps without an auxiliary walker one day.

We trust in Veronika and are convinced that one day she will achieve her dream goal. It was a great pleasure to contribute and help her to bring this dream closer. We wish to Veronika a lot of strength and health for the next few days and we also wish her to enjoy the rehabilitation stay as much as possible and we are sure it will bring her the best possible results.

if you want to help more, click this link HERE.

Thank you, best regards Virtual Championship Team.

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