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Villains in the sport make the sport more attractive to all spectators.

Let’s ask you a question – do you watch sports to enjoy sports performances and a unique atmosphere or have fun while observing the non-standard behavior of athletes? Non-standard does not always mean right. This strange behavior often causes a wave of negative emotions, especially among spectators (and referees), because sports should be mainly fair play. However, the villains in sports do everything they can to undermine the whole concept of fair play perfectly. Nevertheless, they are always written about more than those who play exactly according to the rules. Who are these most mentioned villains of sport now? Just a small note: these “villains” are not associated with any severe problems or legal issues outside of sports. They are – put it in a nutshell – different, too spontaneous, wild and controversial.

Have you heard of boxer Derek Chisor?

Derek is a special person. Already in 2009, he bit Paul Butlin in the ring in the middle of the match, tried to kiss Carl Baker in 2010 and spat water on the face of Wladimir Klitschko in the middle of a busy Olympiahalle in Munich, to finally lost famously in the last round to Vitaly Klitschko. When asked at the press conference about this defeat, he became angry and attacked the author of this „rude“ question with a glass bottle. Probably no need to add more.

Uncontrolled rocket – hockey player Sidney Crosby

Villains in sports are also represented in this section by “Sid – the Kid”. Sid is the “reason” for winning gold medals at the Olympics for the Canadian team. He even won the Stanley Cup three times with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s thorough, talented – but his head is too hot. Sidney didn’t control himself at all in many matches. His passion is to poke or hit the players into the most sensitive body parts – you can always ask a player of Buffalo Sabers Ryan O ’Reilly, who – we think – still remember this very well. In a match after, he almost cut off the finger on Marco Methot’s hand when he hit him on the ice with the stick – with purpose. What is striking, however, is that the referees often overlook the excesses of Sid the Kid.

Enfant terrible of world football – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan became famous because after the announced transfer to the LA Galaxy team. He paid a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times with a simple headline – Dear Los Angeles, you are more than welcome. Nevertheless, this is not the top of the pops of his “ideas”. Also – again “accidentally” kicked kung fu style the goalkeeper into the chest, gave a horrible headshot to a teammate, slapped the opponent and tried to cover it up by pretending to be injured in front of the referee. Zlatan obviously has the giant ego in football and often compares himself to God. Recently, however, he revealed in an interview that he is not the „brain“ at home, not even the important part, because his wife allowed him to hang only one of his pictures at home, and even that could not be just the face itself. Um, we probably understood the cause of his behavior.


The game of elegant people – tennis also has its enfant terrible

In 2015, Nick Kyrgios was effectively “boooed out” by the audience for voluntarily giving up on a match at Wimbledon. He insulted opponents, verbally attacked spectators and even said publicly that “he doesn’t care how this match ends”. If he feels it like that – and deserves to belong to the category of villains in sports, he serves from under the armpits, makes comic grimaces, or turns around, bends and shows the opponent the back of the body – as he did to Danil Medvedev at the Italian Open. He did his tricks so successfully, so Medvedev – otherwise a very calm guy and polite player – slammed his racket on the court several times. Nick is not very popular, either with the audience or with the players themselves.

Emotions can also be stirred on the bench – here he comes, Jose Mourinho

The coaches should be those elegant people, coaching their teams and giving them the right, positive vibes and representing them on the field. However, this does not always work well – and it is certainly not the case of coach Jose Mourinho, who is compared – according to his autocratic leadership style – to Macchiavelli.

In 2005, he had the first ban due to attacking the manager of FC Chelsea – he was not allowed to be in contact with players. However, Mourinho arrived earlier, sneaked into the locker room, coached the team, and then hid in a dirty laundry basket. Of course, this attempt was revealed. During his career at FC Barcelona, he showed obscene gestures to Lionel Messi and even stabbed Titino Vilan in the eye. In Manchester United, he even managed to piss off former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte so much that he even challenged him for the fight. Who says that villains in sports are only on the courts or playgrounds.

Despite all these hot-heads and big egos, which from time to time entertain us, but also make us think about certain aspects – sport has its charm. Let’s not let negative emotions spoil it – after all, they are the best to be rid of by being active. So put on your sneakers and just run or walk or jog for 60 minutes and enjoy the beautiful, cheerful weather.

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