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Why do men and women compete in separate categories in sport?

It is certainly not new to hear, even for occasional sports fans, that men and women compete in sports in separate categories. Arguments and theories are different. Some say that women do not achieve nearly the same results as men because they do not have the body structure and genetic predisposition to reach this level. The only exception may be horseback riding. Biological differences are said to be responsible for this situation. But is it really so? In today’s article, we dig deeper into the differences between men and women.

Men and women have naturally different genetics by nature

Men are said to be better than women, especially in sports that require strength, explosiveness and speed. Looking at an adult male, it is clear that the average male is taller than a female and has longer limbs. He also has broader shoulders, giving the muscles more expansion space. Adult men have a higher share of muscle mass and when comparing the volume of body fat, in men, it ranges between 4-12%, while female athletes have 12-23%. Quite a difference, right? Men tend to store fat in the problem area on the abdomen; women are “wiser” in this matter – fat is stored in the area of their buttocks and thighs, where it is not that obvious. Men and women also differ in the size of internal organs – men have bigger hearts (especially great for romantic moments), internal organs and a higher number of red blood cells that absorb oxygen during sports – the difference is about 10% more in favor of men. Thanks to these pros, men gain a particular aerobic advantage in sports.


Let’s have a closer look at our fingers

The differences between men and women are, in fact, even more enjoyable. Let’s do a little test. Look at the ring finger and forefinger on your hand. It is scientifically proven that women have a forefinger longer than a ring finger, and men have the opposite. It is connected with estrogen or testosterone levels in our bodies. We fit perfectly. What about you? Are you a man or a woman?

Men and women also differ in terms of fertility. While, for example, women’s fertility begins to decline on average after reaching the age of 35, men are fertile by the time they reach the age of 70 years; of course, certain exceptions exist. Men even burn calories faster than women, which is an invaluable advantage, especially in sports and physical activity – after all, let’s look for the proportion of muscle in total weight. The female body is naturally set to predispose to energy and fat storage, especially for periods such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, you will not explain to the body that neither of these is expected in the foreseeable future; it is somewhere deep down in the genes.

Solving a conflict coldblooded? Then you are a woman!

It is interesting to check on the behavior of men and women in stressful situations. Both genders secrete the same hormone – oxytocin. However, while oxytocin combined with the female hormone estrogen produces a calming effect, oxytocin in combination with testosterone makes men much more aggressive than women. In aggression – men express aggression physically and by deeds, while women express verbally – in words. Again, we would find a connection in the brain – the male response is associated with the area in the brain responsible for the physical response and the female with the verbal.

Are there sports in which women are more successful than men?

It isn’t easy to find a category where men and women can compete and achieve comparable results. Women are much better at endurance sports than at sports with required explosivity. Therefore, the difference in results between men and women is comparatively more minor when running longer distances such as a marathon, compared to running 100m. The longer the distance, the higher the chance for the woman – to achieve comparable performance. If you would like to give it a try at home with your partner, wife or husband – go for it. Our Escape from Reality challenge, open from April 18, is here just for you. Be sure to let us know who was the winner in the end.

Disciplines such as horseback riding, equestrianism, shooting or yachting have a unique position in this micro duel. Some people even mention climbing, where women, thanks to their smaller weight and more flexible body, can even reach the areas where men have a problem due to their body size.

And finally – who is aging earlier, men or women? Women’s skin is much thinner than men’s and loses collagen with age, so the first wrinkles are much more visible in women than in men. Be that as it may – everyone has a reason to smile while doing sports. And the wrinkles of laughter are among the most beautiful. It’s up to you whether you create them with regular sports or regular laughter. Both activities burn calories properly. Although in men … but you already know that.

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