The Escape from Reality is a virtual charitable sporting event for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The aim of this event is to provide charitable assistance.  It is up to you whether you choose to:  walk, skate, run or cycle – all physical activity is accepted.


*  Please pay attention to increased safety during sports in the dark or reduced visibility. Always use reflective elements to be seen.

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The Escape from Reality – 10k

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Delivery of shipments:

We always send all your shipments by registered mail so that they are not lost somewhere on the way. We send them up to 4 times a month, always on a Monday after successfully accepting the sportsmen from the previous week. Our goal is for your shipment to arrive as quickly as possible and make your day. * We guarantee delivery of the shipment no later than 20 working days after successful acceptance.

Event end date :

The date until which the event needs to be completed is not set up by us, but by you - sportsmen. We understand that not every day is Sunday, not every day one wants to do sports; other times, health could be a possible barrier. And that's why we decided and simply canceled the end of the event. Because we value your trust immensely, which is why we guarantee delivery even if you complete the event during the upcoming summer, autumn or the next Christmas. We try to do things to make your life more fun and enjoyable, and therefore we believe you will appreciate this change.



The Escape from Reality

You can register at any time from 15th. april. 2021. The selected distance must be completed in one session !!!  This is not a cumulative challenge. !!!

The results (screenshots/photos of the distance and time, etc.) proving the completion of your selected distance must be saved under the Acceptance tab on the main bar so that you can claim your participation medal. If you do not submit your results, you will not receive a medal. This is a non-competitive race! Everybody who completes the event becomes a champion. Once the results saved under the Acceptance tab are accepted, patiently wait for your medal to arrive. The medal will be sent within 20 business days. We look forward to seeing your photos with your results. Kind regards, Your Virtual Championship Team

*For persons under 18, the child´s legal guardian or another responsible adult person supervises the juvenile and takes full responsibility. Therefore, please carefully consider the distance to be completed by your child, taking into account the health requirements and difficulty of the event.