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Running and other interesting things about running. Did you know that up to 65% of runners get injured during the first year of running.

Every day, millions of people worldwide hit the track, run in a forest, a gym or a meadow – they try to be active and do something for their health. Some of them are preparing for a marathon, some want to lose weight and some want to keep good health. But did you know who the oldest marathon runner was or why a perfect sports bra is recommended to be worn by women? Read our interesting facts about running and enjoy the crazy facts.

Age is just a number

No one can deny that Usain Bolt is a champion, the fastest runner in the world – he managed to reach an incredible speed – 44.72 km/h. But if you think you are too old/young (choose your option), we share the truth with you. Interesting facts about running bring shocking moments. The oldest runner of the London Marathon in 2012 was Fauja Singh, a 101-year-old grandfather from India who decided to push his limits to the top. Although he did not win, he confirmed the theory that age is just a number. He decided to practice sports and run when he was 89 years old. Admirable.

Fauja Singh crosses the finish line in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Toronto on Oct. 16, 2011.

The Indian boy Budhia Singh was also one of the existing phenomenon (the similarity of the surnames is purely coincidental, Singh is in India as Smith in English speaking countries). He ran 48 marathons before celebrating his 5th birthday.

Let’s spend, spend, spend and run!

If you tried to run in a worn-out tank top and shorts and then start to wear a beautiful new running suit, you know how this difference looks. Up to a billion pairs of sneakers are sold worldwide every year, with Nike leading the brand’s chart with 59.5%. As many as 57% of runners buy at least two running shoes a year, while the average age of one running shoe is 644 kilometers of active run. Interesting facts about running “revealed” also this unexpected fact: runners who ran in sneakers for € 80 and more had twice as many accidents and injuries as runners who ran in sneakers for less than € 28. Can you guess the reason? We can either.

Running is not only a sports activity but also the opportunity to meet new people

Thanks to regular running, up to 80% of men and 60% of women feel physically more attractive, making running a modern sports Tinder app, considering that 55% of runners in the world prefer to run alone instead of with a friend or mate, and the fact that up to 78% of ALL runners subconsciously stretch the muscles and keep a nice figure and try to be as attractive as it gets if there is another runner of opposite sex running against them. If you also wear a red T-shirt, you will not only attract all the looks like a magnet, but you also have a much higher chance of winning – survey checked all marathon winners around the world.

Be careful, however, if you decide to approach the sexy runner running close because up to 18% of women said that during the run, they became victims of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior by men (not just runners, to put it in perspective) ). Despite this number, up to 11% of running Canadians do not wear any underwear if they decide to go for a run. If we are already touching this topic, it is scientifically proven that both male and female breasts do not only move up and down when running but describe the regular complicated shape of the digit 8. Therefore it is recommended especially for women to invest in a quality sports bra.

Funny facts on sports are sometimes a bit …. smelly

Active athletes can tell stories about being sweaty and pardon my French, their smelly sneakers. No wonder, because every single foot can sweat up to 473 ml of sweat a day, which is almost one beer. And since we have two of those legs – there is probably no need to go into details.

As many as 65% of runners are seriously injured during the first year of running; one injury (even small and minor) represents about 100 hours of running. 66% of injured runners decide to take a break and only 27% seek medical assistance.

Dreams of every runner? Slim and sexy legs!

We could end our interesting article on facts about running by choosing Miss and Mister Running. 48% of running men crave muscular legs like David Beckham, and 37% of women dedicate themselves for their legs to look like Cameron Diaz. Be that as it may, the famous Baywatch girl –  Pamela Anderson, ran the marathon in 2013 – without any prior training. She was very brief when summarizing the marathon impression – brief „OUCH“ on Instagram.

To be fair, running can be ouch or oww. Still, it also brings many wonderful and emotional moments and the support of those who cannot help themselves or are dependent on the help of others. So see you soon on the track!

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