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Sport is love

At first glance, sport and love have much more in common than we might think. Both disciplines are about strength and endurance and the connection of individual players or even teams. Tennis is a perfect example of love in sports. If the player does not get a game or set, the empire referee announces “nil” or “love”. Yes, exactly, love.

A person in love puts into everything he does, not only his efforts but also his heart. It is similar with athletes – the more the audience feels the sincere effort within the game, the more the athlete or sportsman is popular with the audience. And not only the audience, but also famous women.

Marylin Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

Take, for example, the famous baseball player Joe di Maggio and the even more famous Marilyn Monroe. They spent some time together, acting like a couple, and when they broke up, athlete Joe could not forget about Marilyn – so much so that he never married again.

Marylin Monroe with Joe DiMaggio

Steffi Grafovej and Andre Agassi

The opposite example is the relationship between tennis celebrities – German tennis player Steffi Graf and American light tempered and darling of the audience – Andre Agassi. At first glance, two different personalities liked each other so much that they got married and lived happily ever after in Heidelberg, Germany, raising two children.

Roger Federer and his Family

The invincible Swiss Roger Federer was again enchanted by the Slovak girl named Mirka, with whom they even have twins twice.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué

A great lady with an even more beautiful voice – Shakira, twisted and shook Gerard Pique’s mind so much that he did not even mind the ten years age gap between them. In return, as a confirmation of affection and how she felt about him, Shakira wrote for him the song 23 – that is how old he was when they met.

Sport is about emotions

Sport is about emotions. Sport is a passion. Sport is fun. Sport has its charm and individual beauty. Sport is love. It is not just about endorphins but also about long-term commitment and perseverance. Don’t you think that every relationship is also a sport – a long-distance run?

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