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The autumn is usually characterized by changing moods, which is entirely understandable due to the
shorter days, less sunlight and no longer beautiful and sunny weather. With the upcoming school year
and the new season, we feel a greater sense of responsibility and an effort to restart our productivity and creativity after the usually calmer summer and the break. Even though the weather is no longer that pleasant to stay the whole day lying at the beach, there is still no reason to be affected by the bad mood and autumn fatigue. How to fight it – check a few tips on how to succeed!

1. Built regular habits

While you probably went to bed a little later in the summer, it is essential in autumn to adapt at least
a bit for shorter days. Are you tired at 8 pm? The reason could be that you go to bed too late, just as
you used to in June or July. Move your curfew at least one hour earlier and get at least 7 hours of
sleep. Get used to a similar habit during the working week and also over the weekend. Do not sleep for more than 8 hours, as it leads to being even more tired. A maximum of 8 hours during the night is sufficient maximum for a healthy organism.

2. Boost your energy by vitamins from the autumn harvest

Autumn brings fantastic fruits and vegetables that are healthy and full of vitamins and fiber our body
needs, especially during the flu season, when our immunity system works its maximum. The famous
pumpkin, typical for autumn, contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A, perfect for boosting immunity and a good mood source. Pears and apples also have a lot of fiber. Walnuts or hazelnuts full of healthy fats or grapes – treat yourself with a dose of nutritional vitamins instead of heavy meals and use them to fight any negative thoughts you might witness.

3. Find the favorite activity

During the warm months, the weather usually asks us to enjoy the water, sports or fun. Do not skip
these activities even during autumn and winter. It is our passivity causing even more fatigue, which is
not entirely correct. Of course, as soon as the weather is colder outside, it is necessary to dress
better and put on one or two extra layers, but you can still run, cycle or go for walks outside. The
beautifully colored nature is definitely a plus for your good mood. After all, it is one of the most
beautiful and colorful seasons of the year.
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4. Do something for yourself

Dry hair as the memory of summer fun, skin that would need great care? It´s time to enjoy the rituals
to make you feel good and provide a good mood – of course, it's up to you what to choose. It could
be a calming warm bath or face mask and relax while reading a book. Do what pampers your body
and cause you a good mood. Such pleasant moments on a cold and rainy day will improve your
mood, relieve fatigue and provide a big smile on your face.

5. Help the others

Last but not least, you should also pamper yourself, not only the other people. When our future is a
bit uncertain, especially these days, try to think less about events and the world around us and spend more quality time with other people, friends or family – enjoy the happy moments. If you get a
chance, help a nearby shelter or support someone virtually. What about your support to somebody
in need through our Virtual Championship? There are really many possibilities. We guarantee that
such activity improves your mood and boosts your energy and recharges you for the next few days.
Autumn fatigue may or may not hit you if you follow our advice and find at least a little prettiness in these days as well. It is essential not to be discouraged by the weather or the number of
responsibilities you have but to enjoy each season and keep a positive mood.

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